Archive | December 2011

Day 30: The gift of authenticity

Today I celebrate the gift of authenticity and what that brings into my life.

Authenticity allows me to have deep and meaningful relationships with others, myself and the world around me.

Authenticity allows me to stand strong in myself, what I stand for and what I bring forth into the world.

Being authentic creates a pride in my actions, my words and my intentions that I spread into the world.

Being authentic means I feel good about my choices and who I show up as in relationships and in all areas in my life.

Authenticity brings truth, clarity, and a rightness to my life and my whole self.

Being authentic means I live without regrets, that I am able to look back on my life with pride knowing I did what I could to to stay true to myself, being authentic means I am in a state of vulnerability, that I am honest to myself and to the world.  That by being authentic I create the space for others to do so as well.

Authenticity brings me to a place of empowerment, of strength and of freedom. It allows me to fly unburdened into the sky’s of my dreams and look back and see the path that I walked is one laced with lightness and purity of heart and soul.


Day 29: The gift of trust

The gift of trust.

Today I honor the gift of trust of trusting myself, my path, my animals and the universe to balance out the things that are in need to be balanced out.

Today I honor that ability to trust the process, to trust others and to step back and allow what is meant to happen to happen.

Today I celebrate what trusting brings to me, peace, balance, harmony, freedom and joy.

Trust allows me to be in a space where I am open to change, where I can be present to what is happening in the moment and to where I trust those around me.

The ability to trust is the ability to flow within the natural state that is who we are, to be in tune with nature and our natural selves and to allow our hearts to lead the way.

Day 28: The gift of fear

Fear is not always a foe, in fact in many cases fear can be a friend and a gift even.

What gift has fear given me?  Fear has given me the gift of staying the course, of knowing my truth and of following the path of the heart.

Sometimes when fear arises there is a message there for us, in some cases fear is there to caution us from going down a path that is not for us, that will not serve us and will do us harm.

Fear can teach us how to listen to our bodies to discern the messages that it gives us and know when to head its message or to continue forward.  Fear teaches us many things and like anything we wish to conquer it must first be embraced.

The first time I listened to fear and tuned into it’s message I was surprised.  I was surprised how wise it was and how much relief I felt once I listened to it’s guidance.  Do not be fooled however or make excuses for yourself or blame fear when it is your mind that is creating false illusions to block your path.

It is why it is important to tune into the fear to know if it comes from your place of heart or from your head.

Fear has given me the gift of knowing the difference between the two, knowing when it speaks the truth or when it is preventing me from moving to my truth.

Today I celebrate all the gifts fear has given me even the ones I was afraid of listening too.

Day 27: The gift of knowing

How do you know?

How do you know when the timing is right

When the path that you are looking at is the right one to travel on?

How do you know when the stars have aligned?

When you have met your soulmate?

When you have connected with your purpose?

How do you know that all will be well, that everything will unfold before you as it is meant?

How do you know the right words to say, the time to say it and how to speak it?

How do you know where to look for the answers?

How do you know if your heart is your guide? Or if you are being guided by your head?

How do you know?

Today I celebrate the gift of knowing, that comes from simply knowing and trusting the guidance you feel. Today I celebrate the ability of not questioning the knowing and following what you feel is true in you heart.

Today I celebrate the ability to know when I know and to know the source in which the knowing comes from.

Today I celebrate this, I may never know how, when, where or why but I do this, it is the knowing of my truth that has got me this far and continues to guide the way ahead.


Day 26: The gift of passion

Today I celebrate the gift of passion, a reawakening of sparks, of light and of a drive to carry me forward.

Since I was a child I had a passion for horses, every since I can remember they have been a part of my life, my dreams, my goals and my aspirations.  I have followed that passion with every breath never letting go of my desire, my need to in some way have the horses be a part of my life.

I am grateful that I have been able to come together with them in a way that is both powerful and fulfilling.  I am in awe that this is my life, that what I had dreamed of as a little girl is a reality.

It hasn’t always been an easy road, in fact there have been times where I did not know what I was going to do with my life, with myself, or how I was going to be able to fulfill this dream with the horses.  My passion kept me going, that fire in my heart burned brighter than any doubt or fear could burn.  My passion for these magnificent animals and for a life worth living has been what has kept me going day in and day out.  Not everyday is  a fantasy or a dream come true, some days are filled with only the mundane but whenever I feel as if I am losing that light or spark, I tune into myself that passion and allow it to ignite my way once again.

Today I give thanks to not only my passion but to the horses who continue to guide my way.

Day 25: The gift of doing nothing

Today I celebrate the gift of non-action, of non- doing and of being lazy.

Yes I said lazy, I have come to appreciate the ability to allow  myself one of these days every now and again to just turn off, sleep in, read a book, lie on the couch and do nothing.

It is a release I need every so often, an escape for the trappings of my mind, the business of my life the world and all the things I need to build up the endurance to do.

Every now and again all I want and wish I could do is nothing.  So today I indulged in the nothingness, I did not push myself to work on anything to do anything or to feel guilt about doing nothing at all.

Today was a day where I allowed myself to simply rest, indulge in whatever I felt I wanted to indulge in and just let go.

Today was the day where I listened to the wind howling outside, branches scraping on the windows and crawled into bed appreciating the coziness of being indoors, of lying in bed, of day dreaming and of doing nothing really at all…

Day 24: The gift of friendship

Today is a day I celebrate the gift of friendship, not only the gift of receiving friendship but also the gift given of my friendship.

I pride myself of being a good friend, someone who is loyal, supportive and unconditional in my love and support for my friends.

My friends are pillars, they are the cornerstones that make up my life.  I would not be complete without them and feel blessed beyond at the gifts they bring to my life.

My friendship is unwavering, it is true and it is pure.  I wish only for those that are close to me to know how honored and grateful I feel to be able to be a presence in their life and have them be a presence in mine.

Today I celebrate my ability to give of myself in these relationship to be open, vulnerable, and authentic in the space we have created between ourselves.  Today I celebrate my ability to be open to these gifts for I was not always this way.  My life did not always look as rich and colorful and full of amazing spirits in my life.  It is no wonder my life seemed so gray before them.

Today I celebrate friends the gifts we bring each other and how powerfully they remind me of home.