Day 1: The gift of patience

Who am I celebrating?

Me, but who am I? What are my gifts and what are my strengths? How do I show up in these ways everyday?

I am hopeful that after 31 days I will know more consciously of all of my gifts and brilliance.  I will know how to celebrate them and I will know the different aspects of myself more fully.  Most importantly I will be unafraid of celebrating who I am and acknowledging to the world without apologies of who I am in my full shining.

So each day I will look at a strength and a gift that I know and perhaps more of what I uncover in myself through this process.

First I would like to celebrate the gift of Patience:

I show patience with children and  animals.  I am an infinite supply of it when it comes to spending time with them, dealing with tantrums or difficulties, riding out the storm and not getting frustrated in the process.

I have a gift of patience and it shows up like this.  I can wait for the storms to pass appreciating their beauty and knowing when it is time for them to clear and the sun to come up it will.

I allow a child to cry, to wail, to fight until they feel they have expressed all that they needed without rushing them to quiet.

I am patient with the animals not forcing them to come over, not forcing them to try but waiting until they are ready to approach or begin again.

I am patient in my waiting, in lines, in the car, in appointments, trusting that life happens and we do the best we can to arrive on time.

I hope to gain strength in being patient with myself, with my journey and with how it unfolds naturally before me.

How I create patience in my life is turning the gift of patience unto myself, of the ones I love, of the universe and allowing myself to relax into that.

Today is a day of patience, of dedication to kindness in the wait and honoring where I am on my path right now.





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