Day 2: She Glows

The best gift I ever received was a poem written for me from a good friend of mine.  The words she wrote were so touching and inspiring and touched a very deep part of my soul.  To be able to receive such a gift that just serves to remind me how special and loved I really am is something that is just so priceless.  This poem has been a touchstone of encouragement and helping to remind me the truth of who I am.  It is a gift of such grand proportions and what it did for me was firstly remind me of how grateful and lucky I am to have such amazing friends in my life and second that perhaps I am greater than I think I am. I read this poem often, especially during times I am feeling down it lifts me up and gives me the strength to keep on living and shining for another day.

So today’s post is in reverence to my glow and how it shines out to others in my life.  How it brings wonderful, supportive, loving people into my life that mirror back to me just how bright I truly shine.


The world needs her luminesence

Her joy for life, her golden essence

She’s strong and true and more she’s

Like something from a story.

If ever something tries to block the light

I know this girl will stand and fight

Even if darkness falls, hope fails

and all the shadows show

She’ll Glow


Thank you Jodi MacAleese for reminding me how much I glow.

Thank you to my spirit for glowing and shining through it all.









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