Day 3: The gift of innocence

Day 3: Almost forgot to write tonight! Good thing my peeps are on it:)

(for those that are unfamiliar with peeps, they would be my invisible friends or guides or angels that surround me on a daily basis.)


Today I am celebrating my innocence. My ability to still believe in magic, to still trust in people and see the good in others.

My ability to truly be childlike in a variety of ways.  Like how when I was out in the trails with my dog and his trainer how lit up I got at the chickadees.  How I was the one who got distracted standing with my hand out so they would land on me.  How naive I am in some ways and mature in others but through it all I try to maintain that degree of innocence.

How seeing a bald eagle and today I saw 3, still gives me the shivers. How pure in so many ways I am in my heart and in my soul.

Innocence to me means purity in the sense that my heart stays untouched. That I still believe in fairy tales, true love, magic, mystery and even fantasy.  How I can still at times look through the eyes of my own inner child innocent and free and remember what it felt like to fly away on a swing.  Chase the fireflies that I believed were fairies.  Or stand under the moonlight and believe that its magic was touching something deeper within me.  Innocence is found in my ability to see what is unseen, to believe what has yet to be proven and to follow my heart above all else.

Innocence is looking at horse and believing in unicorns, and innocence is what I strive to always be.




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