Day 4: The gift of dreams

Every since I was a child I have had a very active imagination.  Day dreaming was an activity that I could easily lose myself too as I imagined all of the things I wished to be in life.

Even as an “adult” I still haven’t lost that ability to create vivid stories and scenes in my mind.  I am gifted with the ability to dream dreams, something that until recently I took for granted.

I have always been a dreamer but now I am beginning to realize what a gift my imagination really is.  Dreams are what creates the magic and spark into life. Dreams are what help navigate us towards our path in life, towards our purpose.

Today is the day I honor my gift of dreams, of dreaming and the ability to get lost in those dreams.  Sometimes we have to follow the rabbit down the hole to get to place inside of ourselves that would not be possible if we choose to stay on the same path.

My gift of dreams has taken me down a path that my own, is unique, sometimes more difficult but so rich and full that I am beginning to appreciate the gift it has for me.

My gift of dreams allows me to see things that are unseen, that are only felt with the heart and known by the soul.  My gift of dreams is what keeps me alive, what gives me spark, shine and inspires me to continue walking down this path.

My gift of dreams is what enables me to visit places, beings, people I have never been or have lost along the way.  My gift of dreams opens me up to a world that is beyond anything I could have believed.

My gift of dreams is what got me here to this place I now called home, has brought me to my horse, and has given me the gift of purpose.

My gift of dreams is what carries me forth from this world unto the next and into the deepest places within my soul.  Without dreams there is no me.  So here are to my dreams.. you will forever be a place where I will always be seen…



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