Day 5: The gift of Spirit

“Be in this world but not of it.” A quote I like to live by, it reminds me that there is much more to our presence here than what we can see.

Today I honor the gift of spirit, of my ability to be connected to my own and the spirit that guides me.

I have always believed in things that cannot be seen and have always felt connected to my soul.  It is easy for me to be up in the ethers in the places that spirit dwells.  It is second nature to me to communicate with spirit in all forms and in all ways.

It is a gift that I cherish above all else I think.  My connection to spirit gives me the ability to fly, to see the world from a different place, to find comfort in my being, and to remember just how powerful I really am.

My gift of spirit is what guides me, it is what nourishes me and what has saved me.  My gift of spirit is what brought me forth into this life and what continues to give me wisdom as I live it.

My gift of spirit is sacred, it is holy, and it is one that without I would have no way. It is what allows me to communicate openly with nature, the animals, my own inner being.

It is my purpose, my calling and my only way of existing.


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