Day 6: The gift of syncronicity

Synchronicity is the experience of two or more events that are apparently causally unrelated or unlikely to occur together by chance and that are observed to occur together in a meaningful manner.

Today was a day full of synchronicity and the gift of being able to notice when it occurred.

I believe synchronicity is also spirits way of directing us towards the path that we are meant to travel.  A path that aligns to our purpose, our passion and the path of our hearts.  If we ask for guidance, if we ask for help we will always receive it. It is our job to notice when it happens.

Today was a day when I was reminded at how powerful synchronicity really is and how present it is in my life.

synchronicity also showed up for me to remind me of my path, of which way really and truly aligns to my purpose and giving me sign posts to direct my way.

It was a quiet day at the awakenings store where I am present twice a week to do readings for others, it was nearing the end of the day so I was packing up and getting ready to go hoping to get out a bit early.  I had been feeling a little discouraged at the quietness but also trusting there was a reason for me being there.  Sure enough just as I was getting ready to walk out a woman came in.  Before I went to the store today I had the thought in my mind that 1 person would be coming in today, this was the person.  She came to purchase a set of cards for her friend which I gladly helped her choose a deck that would resonate with what she was looking for.  As we got to talking she mentioned how her friend was starting on the path and if I knew any places that help with intuitive development.  Of course I did and passed along the info of a wonderful woman Karen McGregor of Divine You who runs intuitive woman’s circles.  I know how important it is to connect with like-minded people but also to have a teacher that would aid in this development so I was more than happy to pass Karen’s info along to her.  As I gave this woman my card with Karen’s info on the back she turned it over and asked horses? I replied yes I do personal development sessions with horses as my partners. Interesting she says my friend has horses and lives on a farm.  That is great I said to the woman what a wonderful connection tell her she is more than welcome to get in touch with me.  So I wrote down my info and away she went.  It is funny how this woman came into the store and ends up with a horse connection.  Which is what has been really calling me forth these last few days and really my entire life.

Rewind to this morning,  I went out to the farm to spend time with the my horse and his herd and had quite the connection and moment with one of the ponies in the herd.  I was reminded of the importance of honoring each gift that we all possess but also being able to honor it in others and helping others to honor and acceptance the uniqueness of each individual.  I came home feeling moved by the interaction with this pony and went on my facebook page where I shared the insight I received from the horses.

The horses remind us about honoring each facet of our beings. There is so much depth to who we are as souls and as physical beings and each part of ourselves deserves space to be acknowledged and accepted. Even the ones we don’t like about ourselves. The horses remind us not to judge who we are being in each moment, but instead to honor the different parts that make us who we are. Light, dark and everything in between.

I often share things on my page which is a way for me to stay connected with people in some form and always get a couple of likes here and there.  Today I received 11 likes plus 2 shares.  What touched me about this was how much people resonated with the message that I had received and channeled.  What I was reminded of was a gift that I posses to share their wisdom, where synchronicity occurred was showing me that when you follow the path that you are most aligned to the success and abundance that you seek will naturally come.  How when you are in the place you need to be how much more powerful that becomes for those that are receiving it.  Today instead of brushing this off, or refusing to acknowledge the gifts I bring forth, I recognized it, honored it and took note of what message was there for me.  Where I was being guided to, where I feel most at home and why I don’t go there more often.

What I was given today and what I received was affirmation, that I know which path is the one I am meant to walk and which path that is showing up so clearly as the one I need to follow.

So thank you to spirit, thank you the horses and thank you to my own higher self for providing the channel for the wisdom to come through…



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