Day 7: The gift of gratitude

Day 7 was a day when I felt humbled by spirit, by my intuition and filled with gratitude at how my life has unfolded.

Gratitude fills me up with a feeling of wholeness, fulfillment and joy.  Gratitude points me in the direction of my purpose.  Gratitude humbles my mind and reconnects me with my heart.

I am grateful for the ability to say thank you when my prayers have been answered, when a piece of wisdom has been spoken and when my intentions have been heard.

Gratitude is the gateway to blessings, to peace and to enlightenment.

The ability to be grateful has brought so many wonderful things in my life and reminded me in the power of the universe.

Today I am grateful for wonderful opportunities that have come my way and for following my heart even when I had no idea where it was going to lead me.




One thought on “Day 7: The gift of gratitude

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