Day 8: The gift of connection

Day 8:

Today was a day of connection.  A day where my heart seemed to be in full flow of connection with people who were crossing my path.

A day when the horses were connecting me with others that are meant to share in their gift.

Today was a day in which I was able to more deeply and physically connect to my purpose as I began to see the manifestations blooming in full sight here on the earthly plane.

Today was a day where I felt my heart expand where I consciously connected to all those around me, sent my love, opened to their messages and presence in my life and was filled with feeling how interwoven we all really are.

Today was a day when I felt connected to each strand, each thread, that makes up my path, that includes the people who are meant to be a part of my tapestry and was able to see how the depth of this connection really goes.

Today I stood back and observed connection what it means to me and how it plays out in my life.


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