Day 9: The gift of Joy

Today I celebrate the Gift of Joy.

What is it to be joyful?

Joyful to me looks like freedom, laughter, fulfillment, passion, purpose.  All things that are plentiful in my life right now.

Even my birth name which means cheerful infuses me with the ability to find joy in simplicity, in simple being, in chasing my dog in the park, laughing at a card I found in the store, laughing at myself.

I don’t celebrate it enough but I am beginning to see how healing being joyful is for myself, for my life and for those around me.

I am reminded about joy when I am around children, when I see them finding joy in so many things that happen in their lives.  It reminds me to lighten my load, get back to my roots to my name and be cheerful! To not feel as if I have to be serious at all times and have a good laugh every now and again!

I am reminded about joy when I am with my dog, who finds joy in all activities, in waking, in eating, in playing with a ball, meeting a new friend, going to a new place.

Joy brings me back to innocence, to purity, to light and to honoring the brightness that I am.


Today I celebrate joy and appreciate my ability to find ways to express it, to feed it, to live it and to breathe it in…

To joy!



One thought on “Day 9: The gift of Joy

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