Day 11: The gift of time

Today I celebrate the gift of time.

What is time? I believe time is whatever we make it to be or however we believe it to be.

Time is a man-made phenomenon something that as a society we have created as a way to measure our success, keep track of our accomplishments and how we plan our days, weeks, months, and years.

Today I give myself the gift of infinite time, of divine timing and of patience.

Today I affirm to myself that I have all the time in the world that there is no shortage of time nor any urgency in getting what I think I need to get done in whatever time frame I have created in my mind.

Today I tap into the universal law of time where time is expansive, bending, and free.

Today I relax into the space in between time where true being is discovered and there is only now.

Today I celebrate the gift of time as a space where I can just be where I am right now and know that it is perfect.

Today time doesn’t exist except for how my spirit perceives it.


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