Day 12: The gift of the feminine

Today I celebrate the gift of being a woman.

The moon tonight inspired me and reminded me of this gift.  The gift of being a nurturer, a healer, a care taker, the gift of intuition, of compassion and of receiving.

Today I celebrate the joys of the body I was born into, its form, its shape, its sex.

I allow myself to connect more deeply with my inner goddess, woman and all the gifts that come along with that.

I celebrate the softness, the firmness,  and the curves.

I sleep in the embrace of the divine feminine whose energy courses through me encouraging me to dream, to breathe more deeply and connect more fully to the being that I am.

Today was a day I became more aware of this feminine energy as her strength grows stronger each day.

Today I  became more awakened to this gift and the invitation to dance with its energy and allow it to be a stronger force and guide in my life.


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