Day 13: The gift of joy

Day 13:

A day filled with joy, with laughter, with fun!

Today I honor the gift of bringing joy into the lives of others like I did today.

Swinging on the tire swing, jumping out of trees, chasing a dog who had stolen a scarf, two girls and their nanny had fun today.

The gift was being told of how great today was by those two girls, the gift was being able to feel the swell of love as I received them.  The gift was being able to share joy and enrich all of our lives so we may go to sleep feeling perhaps a little bit more filled with sunshine then before.

Today was a day when we celebrated magic, we talked of rainbows, or fairy godmothers and of princesses, today was a day where we did not judge our actions or activities we just made them fun.

Today I was reminded of the awesome power of joy and how important it is in our lives.

Today was a day that my smile grew larger, my eyes grew brighter and my heart swelled until I felt it would burst, today was a day full of joy.


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