Day 14: The gift of manifestation

Today is a day I give thanks to my ability to manifest my dreams and all that I set an intention to create in my life.

This month and the last couple of weeks I have seen the fruits of my labor begin to take shape in the physical and I am so grateful that I persisted with my dreams, with my beliefs and with my hopes regardless of how hard it seemed at times to hold onto.

Today I celebrate these manifestations and the ability to manifest in connection to my heart’s desire, my authenticity and my spirit.

Today I give thanks for the ability to manifest and have our thoughts, our desires be able to take shape before our eyes.  They may not always look the way we thought they would but I have to come to appreciate they always line up with the energy in which we put out.  I feel like a broken record but I will say this again, I am truly grateful, humbled and blessed to be living this life and to be where I am right now.  Thank you universe for helping me co create such a beautiful life and thank you to my spirit for guiding my path and allowing me to manifest all that I desire.


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