Day 15: The gift of intuition

Today is a day that I celebrate my intuition.

Today is a day I look back at the last year to where I am now and take pride in how I followed my heart and inner guidance to get here.

Today is a day that I acknowledge not only the beautiful gift of being intuitive but of also being brave enough to follow it.

The path of the intuitive is not always an easy one, and it is often wrought with hard decisions, challenges, heart-break, and humility. But at the end of the day what you are able to say is that you have lived a life of authenticity of truth and honor of yourself, your life, your journey and the people around you.

Today I celebrate this path, I celebrate myself for having the courage to walk it and I celebrate the blessings I have been gifted with along the way.

Thank you wise heart of mine for showing me the path of glory, of truth and of oneness with myself, my purpose and the world around me.


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