Day 18: The gift of introspection

Today I celebrate the gift of going within, the gift of retreat, of reflection and of introspection.

It can be hard to shut ourselves off from the world, from the noise, from the electronics, from the burdens we put upon ourselves.  But it is necessary.

We cannot hear our inner voice without going into the stillness, we cannot find the answers we are looking for nor can we connect with our inner self, which is of the utmost importance.  We are not one-dimensional beings only existing in one part of the world our in ourselves. We need to give reverence and create space for that part of ourselves that revels in the silence, that is heard only in retreat and can offer us the thing we most need in this world which is love for ourselves.

Today I celebrate this gift I have given myself to hear my wounds, to open my heart, to be in the stillness and to listen to that wise inner voice.  Today I celebrate the retreat, the hibernation, the quiet that I needed to gain clarity to heal and most importantly to connect with myself.  Today I celebrate the gift introspection has given to me which is self acceptance, self-empowerment and pride in who I am as a person, as a spirit and as a human being. Today is a day I celebrate the process of being still, of reflection and of honoring all parts of who I am.




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