Day 20: The gift of awareness

Today is the day I celebrate my ability to be self aware, the gift of knowing the deepest part of myself, what makes me happy, sad, afraid, unafraid.  Today I celebrate my gift of self-awareness of the blessings it brings me in all areas in my life.  For the ability it gives me to make clear decision that will serve the highest intentions and good of all.

Today I celebrate this gift and how it allows me to not get snagged upon the posts that others put up to try and snare me.  How I am able to take a step back and observe.  How I am able to go within myself to find the knots that need to be unwoven.  That knowingness that any disturbances I see on the outside is merely a reflection of what is going on within.

Today I celebrate this awarness and the keys it gives me to live a healthier life, one in which I am in full control of myself, my will my desires.  One in which I am centered in no one but myself, reliant on no one but me and have full confidence in my ability to navigate through the unseen.


Today is a day I celebrate this gift, the one that has taught me most about myself and continues to unravel even more…


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