Day 23: The gift of intelligence

I never thought that I was someone that possessed a huge amount of intelligence, however looking at my life, where I am and how much I have accomplished, I can’t deny that although I may not be a genius, I do in fact have a gift of intelligence.

I would like to believe that I am street smart, I know the way of the world on a deeper level, I can read emotion, energy of others and the land that surronds me. I know when my choices or actions are aligned with my deepest truth, and I know where to go to find my way when I am lost.  It is not conventional intelligence but it is one that has served me well on my path.

I believe I am someone who has high emotional and heart intelligence, I can read situations on a level that may not be obvious on the surface, I know the emotions of animals and the messages that they are trying to get through.  I can tell what someone is meaning to say without them saying a word, I can look something and know what is happening beyond what it appears to be.

It is a gift that has given me the ability to make smart choices, to make decisions that ultimately lead me down a path of love and hopefully do the same for others.  It is a gift that allows me to give my animals what they need to live balanced and healthy lives, and it is a gift that has allowed me to come more fully into myself.  A gift of the mind, the heart, body and soul and everything in between.

Today I give thanks for this intelligence and the richness it has brought to my life.


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