Day 24: The gift of friendship

Today is a day I celebrate the gift of friendship, not only the gift of receiving friendship but also the gift given of my friendship.

I pride myself of being a good friend, someone who is loyal, supportive and unconditional in my love and support for my friends.

My friends are pillars, they are the cornerstones that make up my life.  I would not be complete without them and feel blessed beyond at the gifts they bring to my life.

My friendship is unwavering, it is true and it is pure.  I wish only for those that are close to me to know how honored and grateful I feel to be able to be a presence in their life and have them be a presence in mine.

Today I celebrate my ability to give of myself in these relationship to be open, vulnerable, and authentic in the space we have created between ourselves.  Today I celebrate my ability to be open to these gifts for I was not always this way.  My life did not always look as rich and colorful and full of amazing spirits in my life.  It is no wonder my life seemed so gray before them.

Today I celebrate friends the gifts we bring each other and how powerfully they remind me of home.


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