Day 25: The gift of doing nothing

Today I celebrate the gift of non-action, of non- doing and of being lazy.

Yes I said lazy, I have come to appreciate the ability to allow  myself one of these days every now and again to just turn off, sleep in, read a book, lie on the couch and do nothing.

It is a release I need every so often, an escape for the trappings of my mind, the business of my life the world and all the things I need to build up the endurance to do.

Every now and again all I want and wish I could do is nothing.  So today I indulged in the nothingness, I did not push myself to work on anything to do anything or to feel guilt about doing nothing at all.

Today was a day where I allowed myself to simply rest, indulge in whatever I felt I wanted to indulge in and just let go.

Today was the day where I listened to the wind howling outside, branches scraping on the windows and crawled into bed appreciating the coziness of being indoors, of lying in bed, of day dreaming and of doing nothing really at all…


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