Day 28: The gift of fear

Fear is not always a foe, in fact in many cases fear can be a friend and a gift even.

What gift has fear given me?  Fear has given me the gift of staying the course, of knowing my truth and of following the path of the heart.

Sometimes when fear arises there is a message there for us, in some cases fear is there to caution us from going down a path that is not for us, that will not serve us and will do us harm.

Fear can teach us how to listen to our bodies to discern the messages that it gives us and know when to head its message or to continue forward.  Fear teaches us many things and like anything we wish to conquer it must first be embraced.

The first time I listened to fear and tuned into it’s message I was surprised.  I was surprised how wise it was and how much relief I felt once I listened to it’s guidance.  Do not be fooled however or make excuses for yourself or blame fear when it is your mind that is creating false illusions to block your path.

It is why it is important to tune into the fear to know if it comes from your place of heart or from your head.

Fear has given me the gift of knowing the difference between the two, knowing when it speaks the truth or when it is preventing me from moving to my truth.

Today I celebrate all the gifts fear has given me even the ones I was afraid of listening too.


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