Day 30: The gift of authenticity

Today I celebrate the gift of authenticity and what that brings into my life.

Authenticity allows me to have deep and meaningful relationships with others, myself and the world around me.

Authenticity allows me to stand strong in myself, what I stand for and what I bring forth into the world.

Being authentic creates a pride in my actions, my words and my intentions that I spread into the world.

Being authentic means I feel good about my choices and who I show up as in relationships and in all areas in my life.

Authenticity brings truth, clarity, and a rightness to my life and my whole self.

Being authentic means I live without regrets, that I am able to look back on my life with pride knowing I did what I could to to stay true to myself, being authentic means I am in a state of vulnerability, that I am honest to myself and to the world.  That by being authentic I create the space for others to do so as well.

Authenticity brings me to a place of empowerment, of strength and of freedom. It allows me to fly unburdened into the sky’s of my dreams and look back and see the path that I walked is one laced with lightness and purity of heart and soul.


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