If today was all I knew…

If today was all I knew this is what I would remember…

That my horse loves me and is there to support and guide me always

That dreams and wishes do come true, just not always in the way we expect them

It is ok to make mistakes, to feel sick, and to fumble every now and again

There is nothing in life you cannot be and there is nothing stopping you from being who you are

We have no idea what we are capable of as spirits and as human beings

That I am so much more than I know

That I get to choose what I believe in

That being on the farm with the horses in nature is where I will always want to be

That everywhere I look there is wisdom, it is up to me to see it

That there is nothing to be afraid of because I have within me what I need to protect myself and to keep myself safe

The only world that matters is the one I create within myself

That I need to trust what I know without second guessing myself, it is in the second guessing that we get lost

Follow my bliss

That it is ok to be happy…still working on that one

That I am worthy of love…

That if something is meant to be it will be…always and there is always a greater plan that exists for us all…


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