The spaces in between

All of my life I have wandered in spaces in between, sometimes feeling caught, not knowing where I was present feeling as if I lived in the spaces in between.

I am a traveler, not one the flies on planes, or in cars, or trains but one that travels between the realms, the worlds and all that exists around us.  I get lost in these places, lost here not knowing what is real and questioning what I see, feel, and know to be real.

All of my life I have heard the words you must be here, you must come back to reality.  I would sit and ask what is real? What is reality? Why can’t the places within my imagination or the spaces in which my soul travels be real? What is real?

I am here again, feeling bombarded, confused of what is happening around me, looking for a plane to grasp, a reality to settle in one that feels like it is my own.  I am still looking, searching, wandering the planes hoping this time I will find the place within myself that I am looking for.

Or perhaps the search is eternal, perhaps the places I go will always exist and I will always travel there, perhaps that is my gift.  It frightens me and I wonder how I will fit in, how I will be in this space in this world.  Things are changing, people are awakening perhaps I am not the crazy one anymore. Perhaps the spaces I travel to are becoming more real, more present to what is here now.  I can only hope for it is in the hoping I find the spark to continue travelling and it is within these spaces I come to know many secrets not only about myself but about the world, the universe and all that inhabit it.  In these spaces I know this, I may feel lost, but it is not nearly as lost as I sometimes feel here in this reality, in this place.  It is my lesson, my struggle, my gifts that brought me here, it is my purpose and my intention to seek what it is that I am here to remember about myself and help others to remember about who they are in turn…


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